Thanks for coming out and partying with us! We know of no other experience that rivals our awesome boat parties for unadulterated semi naked summer fun. We know you have a lot of choices for your entertainment dollars, so we are pumped you chose to rock out with us! This FAQ should answer most if not all of your concert cruise questions. If we missed anything feel free to email rockondan at gmail dot com with any questions you have.
Advance tix (if there are any left) stop selling 5 minutes before departure time day of show. Any remaining tix are available at the Box Office starting at 60 minutes before departure time CASH ONLY. There are a bunch of ATMs in the area. If you bought in advance they will be either TICKETFAST or MAILED TO YOU depending on your choice of delivery when you purchased. If you are on the guest list, you must pick up your tix prior to boarding the boat. No ticky no boardie!
The bar on the boat is CASH ONLY as well, there is an ATM on the boat, it works “most” of the time, so your best bet is to come with your wallet loaded! There’s hot dogs and chips as well for your munching pleasure. If your cruise is on the Provincetown II there are many food options available on that boat at Don’t forget to tip like there’s no tomorrow, those bartenders hustle for you!
Don’t be a wus, we go out in the rain and it’s fun! We will not issue refunds for inclement weather unless it’s a severe storm warning and the Coast Guard sez don’t go out.
WHERE TO GO Our cruises, are on Mass Bay Lines or Bay State Cruise Provincetown II the locksmith boss. Please consult your ticket or confirmation sheet to ensure you are on the correct boat in the correct location.